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  • MP750 Concrete Mixer
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    MP750 Concrete Mixer

    MP750 planetary concrete mixer MP750 planetary concrete mixer, which is also call as vertical shaft concrete mixer, is developed and manufactured based on advanced technology. It can be used to produce common commercial concrete, precast concrete, low slump concrete, dry...
  • MP500 Concrete Mixer
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    MP500 Concrete Mixer

    DASWELL MP500 is widely used to produce precast concrete, common commercial concrete and high performance concrete. The fresh concrete it produces can be used in the production of building blocks and prefabricated parts, and also can be used to produce of steel fiber...
  • JS4000 Concrete Mixer
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    JS4000 Concrete Mixer

    Detailed Introduction: JS4000 twin shaft concrete mixer is applied to preordered construction element plants in medium-and-large scale and construction departments for industrial and civil architectural engineering of highways, bridges, water conservancy, ports and decks in...
  • JS3500 Concrete Mixer
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    JS3500 Concrete Mixer

    Detailed Introduction: JS3500 concrete mixer is an important concrete mixing machine in our company. Multi-stirring piece design and unique mixing angle make the mixing faster and more uniform, which can improve the production efficiency. Water is injected into the concrete...
  • JS3000 Concrete Mixer
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    JS3000 Concrete Mixer

    Detailed Introduction: The JS3000 compulsory concrete mixer produced by Daswell can produce 3 cubic meters every time. It belongs to the large mode concrete mixing machinery, and it is suitable for various large, medium and small precast plants and roads, bridges, water...
  • JS2000 Concrete Mixer
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    JS2000 Concrete Mixer

    Introduction: JS2000 concrete mixer is twin axis compulsory concrete mixing machine, which has two mixing shafts inside the mixing drum. It has strong mixing ability, better mixing quality and higher production-efficiency. When the mixer is working ,both the two shafts are...
  • JS1500 Concrete Mixer
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    JS1500 Concrete Mixer

    Brief Introduction: JS1500 concrete mixer is a very widely-used and popular model with high production efficiency, it can mix the dry/hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluidity concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar. It can be used to the industrial...
  • JS1000 Concrete Mixer
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    JS1000 Concrete Mixer

    Detailed Introduction: It is suitable for medium and small-scale prefabrication plant and highways, bridges, water conservancy and other industrial and civil engineering construction sectors to mix dry hard, pasty, plastic, and light aggregate concrete. It can be either used...
  • JS750 Concrete Mixer
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    JS750 Concrete Mixer

    JS750 twin shaft concrete mixer is with two horizontal shafts and it is forced type concrete mixer. It can mix 35 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Except ready mix concrete, it can also mix hard concrete, plastic concrete, liquid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and...
  • JS500 Concrete Mixer
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    JS500 Concrete Mixer

    DASWELL JS500 is researched and developed based on domestic market and foreign customers' feedback. It can be used independently, also it is often adopted by concrete batching plant as concrete mixer. We have rich experience in manufacturing this mixer, about 30 years...
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